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ponces say the darndest things.

"oh no, my loverboy is dead!"
     - ponce said this to me as i was playing dead on the floor (4-2-06)
"mom, i said i wanted another beer!"
     - at my cousin's wedding (10-16-05)
"i cant believe im doing this!"
     - she said this cause i invited her to ballas' house with me one night (9-9-05)
"paul's looking gooood!"
     - she is very observant.  @ dinner again (8-8-05)
"i wish i could never go to the gas station again..."
     - said despondently after a long wait for gas (8-4-05)
"once in a while, you just have to have beans."
     - dinner table, punky, on a roll. (7-26-05)
"only ladies have bras. i'll have bras once in a while"
     -punky said this to me cause i was playing with a bra (7-25-05)
"do do do do do ....
i'm not singing about poop, im just saying do-do"
     - punky singing the blues (7-22-05)
"i was gonna see if you wanted to go for a walk, but i can see you're having an episode."
     - walked out on the deck and said this to my mom.  as far as i know- she was not having an episode.
"my favorite juice is wine"
     - another dinner table quote (5-19-05)
"ive been doing lots of running, ive been eating lots of broccoli..."
     - describing her exercise regimen i guess (4-29-05)
raise your hand if yellow is perfect
       - a poll at the dinner table (long time ago)
uncle joey, i dont like him he is such a sucker
     - said to eric during full house (4-6-05)
my underpants is going crazy!
     - quoted at dinner one night
guess what ... when i grow up im gonna be a famous fire engine!
     - punky said this to me randomly (11-22-04)
but right now bruce and that brown guy is on.
     - talking about morgan freeman in bruce almighty (10-19-04)
so ... pineapple on your pizza, huh?
     - punky's commentary on a hawaiian pizza
i'm gonna go sit on the couch with the 3 girls!
- said as she jumps on the couch with joy, misti, and eric (10-10-04)
is kenny coming on?  kenny!   kenny!!
    - said as jeopardy was coming on the tv (9-14-04)
guess who's playing next monday night
the eagles!
    - conversation with eric about the eagles upcoming monday night game (9-13-04)