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it's the little poncey

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  newborn punky on her very first birthday  


  this is me and punky in cape hatteras, summer 2000  


  punky during her first HUGE snowstorm, 2-17-03  
  poncey and her best uncle hangin out  
  here is punky sporting her fave sweatshirt  
  punky's 4th birthday party


  assortment of pictures

christmas 2003

  xmas eve night

opening presents

  christmas dinner


  no ponce!  
  our trip to cape hatteras, nc

6/5 to 6/12 2004

  how's the water?  
  must be cold  
  poncey building a sand castle  
  mini golfing on thursday night  
  time to go home!  
  ponce chillin on my bed with ballas  
  princess punky, halloween 2004  
  princess punky and fairy kara, halloween 2004  
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  some silly videos of punky: yelling in the mic  *  playing with a camera  *  4th bday party  *
playin in the ocean  *  jumping in a puddle with kara